Saturday, September 27, 2008

Colonial America Links

Day In the Life Electronic Field Trip. Through a partnership with Colonial Williamsburg students participate in a virtual field trip using a streaming video feed. Students call in questions to History experts, write questions which are posted to an online discussion board and participate in an interactive web activity.

Jamestown Online Adventure: Use this interactive Flash game to create a colony

Colonial Maps-Birth of a Nation
Quantitative Data of the Colonial Period
United States--History--1600-1775, Colonial Period. K12 Resources
13 Originals
Colonial America - The Thirteen Original Colonies
Archiving Early America
History Channel--Colonial America
Colonial Kids
Colonial Times
Colonial Williamsburg... Where History Lives
Amusements in Colonial New England
What did the colonists eat?
Religion and Church in the 13 American Colonies
Connecticut Life in the 1770s
USA: Outline of American History - The Colonial Period
Rare Map Collection - Colonial America
American Architecture
17th Century American Architecture
Mrs. Wendt's Colonial Brochure Template

Early American Colonies:
13 Originals:
The American Colonies:
18th Century Colonies:
Roanoke Revisited:
A History of Jamestown:
Pocahontas, Rolfe, Jamestown, and Virginia:
The Wampanoag:
Colonial Williamsburg:
Old Sturbridge Village:
Community Life:
Colonial Christmas:
18th Century Colonial Trades:
Making a Living in the New World:
Farming in the 13 Colonies:
Education: Music:
Colonial Food:
Recipes from Colonial Williamsburg:
The Mayflower Compact:
Inventory of the Mayflower:
Mayflower Passenger List:
Who Were the Pilgrims?
Puritans in Colonial America:
Puritans in New England:

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